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Why. was the only thing that ran through his mind as he walked through the neighborhood. He was searching for inspiration, and his two feet had carried him in the opposite direction of his apartment. If it wasn’t for the child that came running along and disturbing his thought process, he wouldn’t have known he was venturing off into a section of the city he was unfamiliar with.

His musty eyes looked down at the child who appeared to look like Alice, from one of his favorite novels as a child, and smiled down at her, then squatted before her. “Hi there! How old are you?” He questioned before furrowing his eyebrows. “Should you be enjoying your—” before he could finish, a raven-haired male approached the child, engaging in conversation with her. From the looks of it, the male could only gather that the child was a cousin, or perhaps a sibling of his as his features didn’t exactly scream that he was a father.

Straightening himself up, his hazel eyes looked at the party behind the two, then to the male before resting on the child once more. “You’re five?” He cooed, shaking his head lightly. “Well that’s great! You should really get back to your friends though, I’m sure they’re missing you. I’m sure your brother would want to get back and finish that pretty flower of his, right?” Chris glanced at the blue-eyed male, giving a nod.

"I’m sorry if I was bashing the party."


A brother? Well, that was certainly better than being an uncle or the nanny, he supposed. It didn’t happen often but it still irritated him. Sure, she had inherited most of her mother’s feature but his own physical traits were there too. If you took a few steps back and squinted, that is. Pushing the offending thoughts out of mind, Robert gave the other man a polite smile.  ”It’s alright, we actually just got here—”

"Hare-Hare has a flower?" Madison asked, turning her curious blue gaze back to their party area, searching for the finicky boy. She couldn’t catch sight of him, not with everyone moving back and forth, setting up the elaborate decorations she, her father, and Harold had made. "I don’t see him…"

"—I think he’s referring to me." Robert nudged her with the stem, grinning at the bewildered look she gave him in response. 

"Huh?!" She turned her gaze back to the gangly stranger, nose wrinkling at such an absurd thought. Her father was clearly not a child, how on Earth could anyone think he was her brother? Utterly Ridiculous. "No, this is daddy!" The small blonde exclaimed, pointing at Robert to make sure the stranger wouldn’t get confused. "He’s my daddy.”

"Otherwise known as Robert." He said glancing back at the other man for the briefest moment, chuckling in amusement. Maybe it was her determination to correct the stranger in his false assumption, or perhaps it was the excitement and pride in her voice but there was something about the way she had said those last three words that made Rob swell up with joy. 


It’s my birthday! Hi! A small blonde child bounced forward, outfitted in a pale blue victorian dress. She grinned at the stranger, toeing at the grass beneath her black mary jane’s. "My party’s over th—"

"Mads!" Robert appeared behind the girl, carrying a giant pink paper mache flower. "What did I say about running off?"

"Ah…" The little girl looked to the stranger, then to her father before shrugging. "I dunno."

"Don’t do —" The raven haired man paused, icey blue eyes following his daughters gaze to their audience. He straightened up, the whites of his eyes peeking through as his they widened in surprise.Oh! Hi! Sorry about that. Madison’s just really excited. It’s her—”


"My birthday!" Madison exclaimed, jumping up excitedly. "It’s my birthday! I’m five! I’m fiiiiiiiive!"

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That’s… quite odd… but if you say so, mi amor. Now, speaking of furniture, I may need some help picking some out for myself. Would you mind being of assistance?


Well, considering what I’ve just said, I don’t think I’m the most suitable person to go furniture shopping with. I don’t normally notice it unless it’s an Italian hand carved 24kt gold plated baroque sofa… and then I just sit there wondering how bored a person has to be to decide one day— out of the blue— that they need to gold plate their antiqued furniture.


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So, mi amor, you’re telling me that you can’t simply tell me if this man was attractive? I’m a woman and I’d be more than happy to tell another woman if they’re attractive or not.


I honestly cannot tell. For me, if I’m not attracted to another man… it’s like I’m looking at furniture. The only way I’m going to really notice anything physically about them is if they’re really bizarre looking, or have a really unique personality…

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Dear God, Robert… could you at least tell me if he was attractive?


I… don’t think I’m the best person to ask that. Considering, I’m… I’m not actually normally attracted to men. Keith sort of… just happened.

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Knowing she should explain herself, she replied with, “It was mostly the kids and Ant. They thought they were being funny, but Rory and Seer took things a little too far and I almost denied them cupcakes.” Claudia shrugged right after speaking, “Then I went out with Ingris; she got wasted and I lost my phone.”

Though she knows she’s not necessarily allowed to try and read her brother - he should be allowed to keep things from her, because that’s what normal families do - something about him skipping her question to speak of Madi instead, has her lifting her right brow. “Fat banana man, huh?” she asked, watching him carefully. “I agree that it makes no sense, but children rarely ever do. Last week, the kids and I visited my in-laws in Boston, and Seer called her grandmother Darth Vadar…” She took a moment to stop talking, curiosity setting in. “But you’ve been well, Robert? No issues…None at all?”image

A small grin flashed across Robert’s face at the nickname his niece had bestowed upon her paternal grandmother but his smile faded at Claudia’s questions. His eyes narrowed momentarily, letting out a frustrated huff of air. "You make me sound like a drama queen when you question me like that." He lifted his chin slightly, folding his arms across his chest, a small barrier between him and his sister. "Besides, who doesn’t have issues?"

He swallowed the lump the built up in his throat. He wanted to tell her and yet, he didn’t want her to know. To know about how unhappy he has been, how lonely he feels in his relationship, or how disconnected he felt from everyone around him. It was unfair that she had such a picturesque life compared to his own. Robert didn’t want to be the brother with the problems, the brother who couldn’t keep it together, the brother who couldn’t connect. He licked his lips, shrugging off the tight heaviness that had weaved itself around his shoulders. "Everybody has them, all the time. What would life be without any issues?"

"…And speaking of issues, you said you lost your phone. Did you ever get it back?" He asked, shifting the topic away from him and back to the blonde. 

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…Well, as lovely that sounds, I got pinched a lot today. But wow, I didn’t think fire fighters actually did that sort of thing. It seems like such a waste of resources….

Other than you seeing the rarity of a feline being saved from a tree, how have you been?image

That definitely doesn’t sound like fun…

Hm? Me? I’ve… eh. But, uh— according to her teachers, Madison’s doing very well in her French classes. Sadly, the only time I can get her to speak it is when I upset her. She’ll just hiss it under her breath before storming off to her room. I tried looking up what she says— she called me a fat banana man once. Makes no sense, but hey, at least she’s using it outside of class!

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